Technical specification

Company Information Name, goods, services, type of activity, date of creation, insignia and achievements, main competitors
Target audience Describe in as much detail as possible the people you want to see as visitors to your site – socio-demographic characteristics, habits, hobbies, geography of residence – everything you know. And don't forget to think about why they will come to your site (find useful information, chat, find out news, etc.). What their problem he will be able to solve. If the target audience is large, you need to segment it and talk about each segment.
Site goals What kind of target action do you want to achieve from site visitors – make an online order, subscribe to a newsletter, call your office or something else. If there are several goals, write them all. This is a very important, literally a key point, because it is the goals of the site that the functionality, design, and any content should be subordinated to – everything on the site.
Analysis of an existing site Link to it and what is good and what is bad in it
Preliminary site structure Which sections must necessarily be
Sample page structure What elements should be present on the pages, how to be placed
Design and decoration requirements Fonts, colors, stylistics, presence/absence of empty space
Available materials Links to your favorite sites, as well as booklets, magazines, photos – anything, or maybe you have a ready-made brand book.
Minimum resolution and display devices In this paragraph, specify which devices are supposed to view the site from – PCs, laptops, smartphones…
Sample set of modules (for users) In this section, you need to list all the functionality that you want to see on the site. This can be a shopping cart, catalog filters by various parameters, the ability to make an online order, leave a callback request, subscribe to a newsletter and any other options
Administration Capabilities Here you need to describe what current changes you (or your employee) plan to make to the work of the future site yourself, without resorting to the help of the developer. After completing the work, ask them to teach you how to make these changes.